How to spot Canadian backpackers

HABF02_2Let’s face it, we all need to entertain ourselves during 4 hour layovers, delayed buses, and chilling time on the beach/hostel/restaurant/anywhere you can sit for awhile! To kill some time, let’s see if you can spot a Canadian backpacker! And no, we don’t all say “eh?!” at the end of every other sentence.

Tell-tale signs of a travelling Canadian:

  1. Canadian flag sewn on the backpack. But watch out for those Americans who pretend by having the maple leaf on their bag. A good way to find out whether they’re from north or south of the border is to ask them what flavour poutine they like the best. If it’s anything else other than pure cheese curds and gravy, then they’re lying. Canadians are poutine purists.
  2. Mountain Equipment Co-op backpack and gear
  3. Roots, lululemon or Arc’teryx clothing
  4. Sports team clothing with any of the following teams: Canucks, Leafs, Habs/Canadiens, Sens/Senators, Oilers, Flames, Jets, Jays, Raptors, Lions, Argos/Argonauts, Stampeders, Eskimos, Ti-Cats/Tiger-Cats, Als/Alouettes, Roughriders, Blue Bombers, TFC, Whitecaps, Impact
  5. Saying “sorry” even if you bumped into them
  6. Zed, not zee
  7. The nicest people in the entire world!

What have you noticed about Canadian backpackers? Or what’s unique about backpackers from your home country? Post your comments below and let’s get a global backpacker spotting game started!


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