Macgyver backpacking

You’ll find that there’s always a competition between backpackers on who can live the most scarcely while traveling.  And with this comes a fine art called “Macgyvering“.   Those people who find themselves jamming an Allen key into a piece of IKEA press-board out of frustration at home will all of a sudden be able to rig up intricate clothes lines, fix iPods and patch up backbacks while traveling.  All they usually need, and you should bring, is duct tape and rope.

  • Duct tape – this is the universal fixer of everything! Your camera’s battery cover is lose? Duct tape.  Your shoe is ripping? Duct tape.  Need to water proof your wallet? Duct tape.  This is also very handy in conjunction with the next item when taping up a clothes line.
  • Rope – used to hold up clothes, mosquito nets, pants if necessary.  I find that yellow plastic rope is the best since it is waterproof and very durable.  You won’t need much rope (enough to hang across a room so around 3 metres).

One thought on “Macgyver backpacking

  1. Katherine says:

    Great posts Claud!

    I duct taped my camera together after it fell out of my hand and 5 feet onto the concrete ground. Worked for another 3 years after that incident!

    I also brought along a stack of zip loc bags. Useful for organizing and keeping things waterproof.

    I’m so excited for you! Wish I could join. If I was still in Ghana, I could’ve showed you around!

    Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

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