Backpacker spotting

So let’s play a game called backpacker spotting! They’re very easy to spot in major cities and hippie havens in most travel countries.  Easy clues are that they’re carrying a backpack but there’s also a subculture associated with it and with every culture, there’s a certain way that people talk and dress to show that they are “hardcore” backpackers.  I’m in no way bashing backpackers in any way, as I too rather carry a backpack than a suitcase any day but rather, this is based on observations and meeting some of the nicest people backpacking.

There are also some more subtle clues of a backpacker that I’m sure we’ve all encountered here and there:

  1. fisherman/parachute/linen pants
  2. dreads
  3. scruffy beard and scraggly hair
  4. leather or string bracelets/necklaces/anklets
  5. tanned
  6. either neutral or colourfully-patterned clothing (either ends of the extreme)
  7. Birkenstocks or Merrell shoes
  8. bandanas around their neck or on their head for guys and handkerchiefs/scarves for girls
  9. constantly dirty feet (not smelly but black bottomed)
  10. hanging around train/bus stations or hostels
  11. travel book in hand or readily available
  12. have either a DSLR camera or a lomography camera (again another extreme)
  13. and finally, a thin layer of grime/dirt that covers their skin all the time (even after showering)

If you have any more clues, please feel free to add in the comments section.  So go out there and find your own backpackers and chat them up because they can be the nicest people you’ll ever meet!


4 thoughts on “Backpacker spotting

  1. giz says:

    can’t wait to read more!

  2. Mom says:

    Did you wear your Birkenstocks all the time?

  3. claud says:

    I have the Birkenstocks, pants and grime down. All I need now is dreads haha

  4. […] about backpackers from your home country? Post your comments below and let’s get a global backpacker spotting game […]

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