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Inaugural Post

Friends and stumblers who happen to find this page,

Swimming with Monaco the Sea Lion @ Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Here goes, my first blog post.  Let me just be honest from the get go, I am in no way the most adventurous person or a hardcore dread-locked, basic-necessities-only, live-off-the-land traveler.  But, I do LOVE traveling and have an open mind to try new things so this blog is intended for just that type of person!

Over the past 3 years, I have spent many hours googling random things such as “solo traveling women safe?” or “cheap places to stay South East Asia” only to find a bunch a company sponsored tour sites with seizure inducing ads flashing.  Out of my frustration and on the request of friends for whom I’ve helped plan trips, where wu at? was born!

My intention was to start this blog for my upcoming 6 month trip to Maldives, India, Dubai, Egypt, East and South Africa.  However, upon looking through my journal from my last backpacking trip through South East Asia, I figure some of that information can be helpful for all backpackers – especially solo and women travelers.  So the next couple of posts are from my trusty moleskine journal (a must for any traveler) on how to prepare for any backpacking trip.  Enjoy!

If any of this is too annoying to read, please let me know as I’m definitely open to improving my writing skills (as many of you know, engineers are not the best writers in the world).

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