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Sharks and turtles and stingrays..oh my!

Kurumba Resort, Vihamanafushi, Republic of Maldives

Another update from Maldives – as you can tell, we have free internet here.

Since my last post, Mike and I have actually gotten off our butts and done some sort of physical activity.   It seems like we’ve done so much, well at least a lot for island/beach culture.  The highlight so far has been scuba diving and snorkeling. There’s a snorkeling site outside of the reef which surrounds the island and is home to so many different types of marine life.  Imagine swimming in an aquarium, that’s what snorkeling here is like! We saw rainbow coloured fish, remoras, parrotfish (it literally looks like a parrot) and even a shark.  The kinda gross thing is you can see the fish poo right infront of your snorkeling mask while you’re swimming with them – gross! But I guess it’s all worth it to see the peculiar behaviour of marine life – like fish digging holes into the sand, fish all facing inwards in a circle like a fish pow wow, sharks swimming freely with small fish and schools of tiny neon fish swimming in zig-zag patterns.  We’ve actually loved snorkeling so much that it’s become a daily activity along with laying on the beach and eating instant noodles (more on that below).

After getting used to not breathing through our noses, we decided to up the ante and try scuba diving.  We decided to try out the PADI Discover Scuba Diving course since we didn’t have enough time to do the full open water certification courses.  In the morning, our instructor Momo taught us about the equipment and how to use it, hand signals and how to properly descend/ascend – there was even a test which Mike and I cheated off of each other (or should I say collaborated together).  After a quick lunch (instant noodles), we boarded a boat with our guide Alexey (think of a stereotypical Russian man) and3 other divers.  They drove us 20 minutes to the reef off of another island and we jumped right in.  We swam along this reef wall that was filled with fish, sharks, eels and we even saw a couple of turtles! After about 45 minutes, we had to resurface – I blame Mike for breathing too much oxygen 🙂

On the boat ride back, the staff were so nice and gave us pineapple which tasted sooo good – and I don’t even like pineapple! It’s because after breathing oxygen from a tank through your mouth only for so long, your mouth and throat get extremely dry.  So if you’re ever going scuba diving, bring water! As the boat was flying through the water, my dress flew off the seat and is now lost to the Indian Ocean.  So if you’re keeping track, in the last 5 days, we’ve lost: 1. my wallet; 2. Mike’s sunglasses (he put them on his stomach on the beach and rolled over while sleeping so they washed away); and now 3.  my dress.  At this rate, I’ll have an empty backpack when I get back to Toronto!

Today is our last day in the Maldives so we’re trying to do as much as possible, which for a vacation in the Maldives means about 30 minutes of physical activity – walking to and from the restaurant counts right? For anyone who wants a very relaxing, very idyllic beach vacation and has the money to spend, Maldives is definitely a classy place to do nothing.  The people are so friendly and the resort has every comfort you can think of.  It will be very difficult to leave tomorrow but at the same time, I can’t wait to start our adventure in India!

Note on instant noodles: Mike and I looked at the menus of the restaurants at Kurumba Resort before we left Toronto and a salad was $20! So we’ve smuggled in 20 packs of instant noodles to eat.  Our first obstacle was getting cutlery so being crafty people, we took the plastic ones from our flights.  The next obstacle was getting a bowl to make the instant noodles in – thank god for ice buckets! It may seem ghetto, but I’d like to think of it as being resourceful! (Advice: don’t forget to wash out the ice bucket before using it)

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